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What is Premises Liability?

In plain English, premises liability covers a building owner or operator’s obligation to keep you safe. This includes everything from slip and fall injuries to parking lot damage or even building security failing to protect you like they should.

At Ornelas & Serna Law, we get angry over a business not doing what it takes to keep you safe. You and your family members deserve to be protected. So, if someone is cutting corners, you need to talk to a lawyer. Some people may make fun of personal injury claims, but they aren’t hurting like you are.

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Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Commercial vehicle accidents happen daily in New Mexico. You must have a legal team that will fight for your rights and compensation.

18 Wheeler Accidents

When an 18 wheeler is involved in an accident on the New Mexico roads it can cause injuries, damage, and death. Speak to a lawyer to know your rights.

Drunk Driver Accidents

Drinking and driving is not only illegal it’s deadly. We know that these accidents happen multiple times per day in New Mexico and you must be protected.

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What Kind Of Things Are Liable?

Any person or entity that provides you a place to go has a responsibility to keep you safe. This applies to apartment complexes being negligent with their upkeep to parking garages providing adequate security. Some of the things you may not realize that are covered can include:

  • Maintenance – Cracked or uneven pavement
  • Slippery Surfaces – You have a right to walk safely and without fear of falling
  • Safety – Holes dug in the ground that aren’t marked or other construction being performed without warning
  • Broken windows
  • Security – Non-functioning security gates or security equipment
  • Recreation – Unsafe swimming pools or water park areas
  • Toxicity – Mold and toxic chemicals in buildings making you sick

Yes, the world is a dangerous place. If a property owner should have been taking care of something and was negligent, your rights have been violated and you need to seek justice. Contact Ornelas & Serna Law today!