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Wrongful Death

How do you know there’s been a wrongful death?

You may in fact have a wrongful death case that can be proven in a court, but you’ll need to speak to an experienced wrongful death attorney who will be able to help you find out what your path to justice is as well as what legal remedies you have available. Sometimes filing a wrongful death lawsuit is the right path, sometimes it’s a matter of having an attorney like our team at Ornelas & Serna Law talk to the other party in order to get justice.

Connect with us today to get the advice of an experienced attorney that is on your side. Remember, the sooner you get in contact with a caring and tough attorney like our team at Ornelas & Serna Law, the sooner you get justice for your loved one.

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car accidents in new mexico

Auto Accidents

Auto accidents happen daily in New Mexico. You must have a legal team that will fight for your rights and compensation.

Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Commercial vehicle accidents include rideshare cars, delivery vans, and more. Reach out if you’ve been injured in a commercial vehicle accident.

Drunk Driver Accidents

Drinking and driving is not only illegal it’s deadly. We know that these accidents happen multiple times per day in New Mexico and you must be protected.

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